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The crowd break into a roar as the 4-man band entered onstage and the room filled with the band’s opening song, CODA.

Frontman Taka, greeted the Singaporean fans, “Nice to meet you guys! Welcome to the “Start Walking the World” tour… IN SINGAPORE. I’m really, really happy thank you guys. We are One O’Krock thank you. そうだ。I only speak a little bit of English. If I speak Japanese, all of you can understand? Please help me OK? Ok 盛り上がってきましょうシンガポール!”

Vocal; Taka

I am beyond impressed with Taka’s energy and vocals. All that jumping around, the headbanging, and while maintaining a solid vocal that sounds even better live than in recordings. Wow. Truly one of those performer that it doesn’t matter whether or not you understand them or into their music, but you’d be floored by their stage presence and energy.

Drummer; Tomoyo

Personal favorite highlight: When Taka sought the help of a fan from the audience to help translate his speech in Japanese into English for the rest of the audience. Instead of the usual style of foreign-speaking celebrities hiring translators, the personal intimate touch of getting a fan to do the job is pretty impressive. Hopefully the said lucky fan is still alive and recovered from the blissful-shock haha!

Vocal & Guitar; Toru

Personal favorite performance(s): LIAR & WHEREVER YOU ARE.
While Liar is for obvious biased reason that it’s one of my all-time favorite hit from them, Wherever You Are was simply beautiful. Taking the energy down by a couple of notch, the band delivered a soothing performance that simple blew me away with the simplicity of the song – and not to mention the gentle-side of Taka’s vocals that sent me to a pile of goo.

Bassist; Ryota

While for most bands I have seen, aside the frontman, the members tend to get overshadowed in terms of stage presence; but it’s a different case with each of them giving an equally powerful energetic performance through the sounds of their electrifying riffs and powerful drumbeats. Whether you understand Japanese or into J-Rock, you’d definitely find yourself having the urge to headbang to their music. The power of Rock, really. Haha.

With promises of them returning again to Singapore for another performance after they brush up on their English skills, fans can simply await in anticipation for yet another round of money-worth performance in due time.

The whole set ended at around 8.25PM with fans still reeling from the after-shock of One Ok Rock’s explosive performance. Don’t you just love the faces of satisfaction that walks out of the venue with mentions of the band’s awesomeness never leaving their mouth? Haha.

If all’s accurate despite being blinded with the brilliance on-stage and deafness by screaming fans, the setlist roughly goes like this:

  1. CODA
  3. Never Let This Go
  4. 皆無
  5. Re:make
  6. 世間知らずの宇宙飛行士
  7. アンサイズニア
  8. Mr.現代Speaker
  9. Liar
  10. Wherever you are
  11. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.
  12. Let’s take it someday
  14. 恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド
  15. 完全感覚DreamerEncore
  1. じぶんROCK
  2. 内秘心書

Till we meet again the next time! ;>

Thank you J-LIVE ASIA for making this opportunity possible for me to cover this as part of Campus Magazine!